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Statement from Anant Singh: Commemorating the Centenary of Oliver Tambo’s Birth

As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Oliver Reginald Tambo today, we acknowledge his life-long commitment to the creation of the free South Africa we now enjoy. We pay tribute to him as a leader, revolutionary thinker, humanist and mentor. We also wish to salute Ma Adelaide Tambo and the Tambo family for their support.

Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela and were trail blazers, and their association surpassed their professional ties and developed into a deep friendship and political comradeship. Mandela said, “Oliver Tambo was like no one else: a brother and a friend to me. He enriched my own life and intellect, and neither I nor indeed this country can forget this colossus of our history”.

As the leader of the ANC for thirty years, while being exiled he worked tirelessly traversing the world to secure support for our struggle.  He was also committed to the ideals of collective leadership.

South Africa’s leadership, especially today, should look to this giant for inspiration and guidance for the future of our country.

Anant Singh
27 October 2017

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