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Black Economic Empowerment is designed to bring historically disadvantaged people into the mainstream of the economy and this is one of Videovision Entertainment’s core goals. Our vision of being a significant, commercially-driven, 100% black owned and controlled company, lends itself to the development of an economic and social order reflective of the country’s demography. Certainly the fortunes of South Africa, and our company, depend greatly on the implementation of this vision into a sustainable reality within the activities of the company.

Videovision strictly adheres to the principles of Black Economic Empowerment and has obtained the highest possible AAA+, Level 1 Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) rating.

The company is also deemed a value adding supplier, allowing clients to recognise a further 125% of all purchases over and above the normal 135% by virtue of the company’s Level 1 status, allowing clients to recognise 168.75% of all purchases from the company towards their BEE procurement scorecard.