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Vision Statement

Videovision is a diversified company with operations that range from its core business of film and television production and distribution to media, live entertainment and film studio and real estate development.


Through its diversification programme, the company has achieved phenomenal growth over the years, resulting in it becoming one of the leading media and entertainment entities in South Africa and the African continent.

Whilst the company activities are focussed on filmed entertainment, media and real estate, the long term vision is to create value through a range of diverse investments, and in achieving this, we have adopted a strategy where we will consider investments in companies that have the following:

  • High growth potential in sustainable industries
  • Strong cash flow and turnover
  • Strong, professional and expert management
  • Where we can add real value, or where we can create strategic alliances with a successful industry player

Videovision has achieved significant success and has a proven track record in the various facets of its business.