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Anant Singh, Chief Executive of Videovision Entertainment announced today the establishment of a new division that will focus on modestly budgeted action films made in South Africa by local filmmakers.  The new division has been formed to nurture young filmmakers and create a profile for them, both locally and abroad.

The new division will consider projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Budgets of R10 million or less
  • Filmmakers must have produced a film
  • Has a locked script which has commercial prospects
  • Has a director and key talent attached
  • Has at least 50% of the funding secured

Projects will benefit from the expertise of the Videovision Entertainment team in the following key areas:

  • Funding of up to 40% of the production budget
  • Distribution in South Africa and in international markets
  • Provide strategic direction on the marketing and distribution of the film
  • P&A Funding based on a percentage of the production budget for the release of the film  in South Africa

Anant Singh said, “We believe that we have a wealth of talent in our industry, especially young filmmakers, who have great ideas for movies that will resonate with local audiences.  Our proposed new production division is designed to provide a platform for these filmmakers.  It is part of our strategy to unlock value in the South African film industry and develop an appreciation of South African cinema by local audiences, the ultimate goal of which is to ensure that our industry is sustainable in the long term.”

For Further Information:
Nilesh Singh
Tel: 031 2046050
E-mail: nilesh@videovision.co.za

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