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Well-known celebrities and business leaders turned out for the official launch of Cape Town’s brand new radio station, Smile 90.4fm, tonight (18 March 2013). The station’s new logo was also revealed at the glamorous event, which was held at the Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa in Century City.

The programme included addresses by Cape Town Radio (Pty) Ltd’s co-chairpersons Anant Singh and Dr Ernest Messina, as well as by the Managing Director of Smile 90.4FM Tony Mallam and Head of Talk Content Lizma van Zyl. Station presenters Eloise Pretorius and Maurice Carpede acted as programme directors, with ZANEWS adding some humour with an especially created insert for the launch. The station’s on-air anchors and content presenters were then introduced to loud cheers by the guests.

Dr Ernest Messina stated: “ICASA has entrusted this highly sought-after licence to us. We have an enormous yet wonderful opportunity, and privilege of being the custodians of this new radio station for Cape Town. We are committed to make the people of Cape Town feel and experience that they truly belong.”

Said Anant Singh: “It is exciting that Smile 90.4FM is the first commercial radio station in Cape Town in the last 14 years. We are delights that we have assembled a team that has significant media experience and an experienced line up that is complemented with fresh, young talent. Smile 90.4FM will be a new positive voice on the Cape Town airwaves.”

Singh also used his filmmaking talents and made a surprise presentation of a short film which captured the essence of Cape Town and the Smile 90.4FM brand and was choreographed to Charlie Chaplin’s famous song, Smile.

Lizma van Zyl, Head of Talk Content, outlined the history of Smile 90.4FM as she initiated the idea of a new radio station in Cape Town more than four years ago.

The station’s new logo was unveiled by its board members during the course of the evening. Said Smile 90.4FM’s Managing Director Tony Mallam: “We’re delighted to finally unveil our new logo to our fellow Capetonians. We’re very proud of the design and what it represents. We are committed to adding value to the lives of everyone who has made Cape Town their home. Hear it … feel it … Smile 90.4fm.”

Smile 90.4FM will hit the airwaves on Monday, 25 March at 7am.

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