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Singh and Schechter Collaborate on Barack Obama Documentary

Film producer, Anant Singh announced today the production of a documentary feature on Barack Obama, president-elect of the United States of America. The film, entitled Barack Obama: People’s President is written, produced and directed by Danny Schechter (Weapons of Mass Deception, Viva Madiba: A Hero For All Seasons) and Produced by Anant Singh and Executive Produced by Sudhir Pragjee, Sanjeev Singh, Helena Spring and Rory O’Connor. Singh also announced that negotiations are currently underway with South African and US networks for the broadcast rights.

Barack Obama was elected President of the United States through the most unprecedented campaign in American history. A young, and relatively unknown political leader, he was not given a chance by the political insiders because of his race and inexperience. He defied the odds with a campaign that flew under the radar, of the political elite and the mass media.

Barack Obama: People’s President shows how his campaign mantra of “Yes We Can” became “Yes We Did” astonishing Americans and exciting world opinion. This is the story of how Obama inspired and organized millions of new voters to support him, and how brilliantly the internet was used as a communications and networking tool as part of the campaign. The film goes inside the grass roots campaign and also speaks with activists, journalists and political leaders like South Africa’s Desmond Tutu and Ahmed Kathrada who took Obama to Robben Island.

“I spent decades in commercial news,” says director, Danny Schechter, “and I know how superficial coverage can often miss the real story. The Obama triumph is much more fascinating than what’s been reported in the media. Barack Obama: People’s President tells the real story of Obama’s journey to the White House with previously unseen footage and interviews,” Schechter worked at CNN and ABC NEWS before co-founding Globalvision.

Producer, Anant Singh adds, “The election of Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States is historic. We are delighted to have partnered with Danny Schechter to produce and direct this film. He documented Nelson Mandela’s journey to become the first back president of South Africa in Countdown To Freedom, which tracked the ANC’s election campaign, culminating with the inauguration of Mandela as president. I was in the United States on election day and decided then that we would make a film on the first black and one of the youngest presidents of the United States. We are pleased to have produced Barack Obama: People’s President and to have scooped much of the world press.”

Barack Obama: People’s President is a Distant Horizon and Videovision Entertainment production of a Danny Schechter Dissection / Globalvision Film. It is Executive Produced by Sudhir Pragjee, Sanjeev Singh, Helena Spring and Rory O’Connor and Produced by Anant Singh. The film is Written, Produced, and Directed by Danny Schechter.

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