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‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’ Acclaimed Worldwide

Following on the release of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom in South Africa, the film has now been released in the United States, Canada and French and Dutch speaking countries in Europe as well as the Middle East, with critics lauding the film.

In the United States, leading film critics were unanimous in their praise for the film.  The Los Angeles Times called the film ‘Astonishing…worth experiencing again and again’; The Huffington Post said, ‘A must see! Perfect artistry, amazing performances and pure inspiration’; Time Magazine proclaimed ‘Idris Elba and Naomie Harris are magnificent’, the New York Times stated, ‘a towering performance…intensely emotional and deeply stirring’  and The Boston Herald said, ‘the best possible biographical film about the great anti-apartheid leader……Elba…deserves an Oscar nomination.’

Canadian critics also praised the film with Toronto Star saying, ‘a potent lead performance by Idris Elba…impresses with his poise and gravitas’; the Vancouver Sun said, ‘a solid, responsible movie biography that touches’ and Twitch.com stated ‘Idris Elba and Naomie Harris as Winnie Mandela, are praiseworthy and lend the film vitality’.

In France, Le Monde said ‘the film travels with emotion, magnified by Idris Elba’; La Croix said, ‘a moving epic…beautifully played’; L’Express stated ‘it’s brilliant’ and the popular movie critic website, TéléCinéObs that the film was ‘carried with conviction and a beautiful energy’.

The Dutch critics were equally complimentary of the film – Spits Niews & Entertainment called the film ‘a solid, expertly crafted portrait of the man’; Die Volkskrant said that the film was an ‘impressive illustration at an historic moment’ and NRC Handelsblad declared, ‘Justin Chadwick does some remarkable things with immense confidence.’

Reviews from other territories include Portugal’s Ipsilon which called the film ‘capable and fair portrait of Mandela’, the UAE’s Gulf News said ‘leaves you breathless… moving and delightful’ and Israel’s Megafon News  stated, ‘full of cinematic charisma’.

Producer, Anant Singh commented, “We are thrilled with the rave reviews that the film has generated in these  international markets.  We now look forward to the opening of the film in the United Kingdom on 3 January 2014 where it will have a wide major release on more than 400 screens.”

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom has been released in the United States, Canada, France, Holland/Netherlands, Portugal, Israel, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Middle East.

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