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Football Euphoria Takes Over South Africa

Anant Singh, producer of film, MORE THAN JUST A GAME, the FIFA supported film, which tells the inspiring story of Robben Island prisoners who fought authorities to play football while in prison.

The prisoners were committed to the beautiful game and played strictly according to FIFA rules. The film, produced by Anant Singh and Helena Spring, is directed by award-winning director, Junaid Ahmed.

Commenting from Johannesburg earlier today, Anant Singh said, “It is a euphoric moment in our lives and one for the memory books for our young democracy, and can only be compared with Nelson Mandela’s release which was greeted with similar enthusiasm with everybody coming together in large numbers and a unity of spirit and purpose.

The commencement of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is a historic day for South Africa and Africa as a whole, and we are very pleased to be the host country. For me it is a really special day, especially having been at the announcement in May 2004 with Madiba and the South African delegation. The World Cup euphoria on South African streets that has gripped people of all colours and all ages is truly a remarkable feat of nation building! More significant though, is the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are coming together in Fan Parks across the country, not only South Africans, but people from all over the world. This is a momentous occasion and one that will be remembered forever by the people that are here throughout this and their stories will be told for generations to come.”

Commenting further, Singh said, “We are delighted that international audiences can have a window into the lives of prisoners on Robben Island and how football inspired them though their incarceration when the film, More Than Just A Game is broadcast on international television channels during the World Cup, and this will attract a large viewership, giving the film a significant profile. We are also delighted to have produced this film with the support of FIFA.”

More Than Just A Game is a fitting tribute to the many political activists who were imprisoned on Robben Island and shaped the history of South Africa. Their collective efforts resulted in democracy in the country, and ultimately brought the world’s most prestigious sporting event, the football World Cup to South Africa.

More Than Just A Game was broadcast on the Swiss television channel, SF2 last Tuesday, while it will be broadcast on Sunday, 13 June 2010 on the ORF2 channel in Europe and on BBC2 on Friday, 18th June in the United Kingdom. The film will also be broadcast on other international television channels during the World Cup in South Africa.

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