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Videovision Entertainment acquires the romantic comedy ‘For Better For Worse’

Sanjeev Singh, Head of Acquisition and Distribution for Videovision Entertainment announced today that the company has acquired the distribution rights to the romantic comedy, For Better For Worse which stars a host of popular local personalities including Raeesa Mohamed, Simon Morgan, Afzal Khan, Suria Govender, Rahul Brijnath, Eubulus Tracy, Kajal Bagwandeen, Kogie Naidoo, Juanita Leopardi, Pranesh Maharaj and Clinton Marius. For Better For Worse marks Naresh Veeran’s directorial debut, is written and executive produced by Raeesa Mohamed with Ross Garland as Line Producer. The film had its World Premiere at the 30th Durban International Film Festival on Sunday, 26 July 2009.

For Better For Worse is a delightful, romantic comedy which tells the story of Anisa Khan’s (Raeesa Mohamed) search for the perfect husband. Anisa is an ambitious 30-year old lawyer who, due to a bad experience in the past, is wary of men. However, she is pressured by her family and friends to get married. They set her up with whom they believe to be suitable men leading to disastrous consequences. She meets these dates at a coffee shop. Zak Ali (Simon Morgan), the owner of the coffee shop, is attracted to her but the two are at odds with each other from their very first meeting.

Commenting on the acquisition, Sanjeev Singh said, “We are delighted to have acquired For Better For Worse for distribution in South Africa. The film is a humourous take on the pressures placed on eligible men and women to find marriage partners. The setting of an Indian household and context gives the film a touch of authenticity. We will release the film at cinemas later this year.”

Writer and Executive Producer, Raeesa Mohamed commented, “We are extremely pleased with having signed a distribution deal with Videovision Entertainment. They have a proven track record in the industry and their involvement can only take the film to greater heights and help it reach as large an audience as possible.”

For Better For Worse is a Videovision Entertainment release through United International Pictures (South Africa).

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