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‘STIFF’ new comedy from Videovision Entertainment

Anant Singh’s Videovision Entertainment has teamed up with TOM Pictures, the makers of the acclaimed Gums ‘n Noses to produce the new comedy feature, Stiff. The film which is currently being shot in Johannesburg is directed by Craig Freimond and stars Carl Beukes, Lionel Newton, Lindiwe Matshikiza and Nick Borraine with Singh, Helena Spring and Robbie Thorpe producing.

TOM Pictures is a successful film, television and commercials production house and have achieved significant success, especially with their recent productions, the drama series, A Place Called Home and the Emmy nominated comedy series, Sorted.

Stiff follows James, a successful comedy writer who feels overwhelmed by crime, politics, pessimism and a feather duster salesman. When his girlfriend leaves him for a guy who he thinks is the most boring man in the world, he loses the very spark of humour which enables him to earn his living. In a madcap journey, James travels through the highways and byways of South Africa from Daspoort Rehab to Johannesburg to try and recover his elusive sense of humour as well as his ability to love and laugh again.

Anant Singh commented, “We are pleased to see that local audiences are responding very well to home-grown comedies as we have seen with White Wedding. We feel that Stiff is a perfect fit for South African audiences and we are confident that director, Craig Freimond and producer, Robbie Thorpe will craft a fantastic film which will entertain South African audiences with their special brand of humour.”

Stiff will be released in cinemas across South Africa later this year through United International Pictures.

Stiff is a Videovision Entertainment production made with the assistance of the National Film And Video Foundation of South Africa. It stars Carl Beukes, Lionel Newton, Lindiwe Matshikiza and Nick Borraine. It is produced by Anant Singh, Helena Spring and Robbie Thorpe, Executive produced by Sudhir Pragjee and Sanjeev Singh and directed by Craig Freimond.

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