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Penguins March Into Stores

The Academy Award winning documentary feature, March Of The Penguins which Videovision Entertainment acquired for distribution in South Africa has been a boxoffice hit worldwide, including South Africa will be released on DVD for sell-thru on Monday, 17 July 2006.

March Of The Penguins is one of the most popular films released this year, as it is still showing 4 months after its cinema release and has continued to attract audience at cinemas despite it being available for rental on DVD.

March Of The Penguins documents the remarkable journey made by Emperor Penguins every year, as they abandon their ocean homes and clamber onto the frozen ice and to begin a journey into a region so bleak and extreme that it supports no other wildlife during this time of the year. These penguins do this solely driven by the overpowering urge to reproduce and to assure the survival of their species.

Sanjeev Singh, Head Of Acquisition and Distribution for Videovision Entertainment commented, “March Of The Penguins is an extraordinary film and has emerged as one of the most powerful documentary features this year as it deals with a subject that is quite unusual. Judging by the popularity of the film at cinemas, we expect fantastic DVD sales as most cinema-goers who watched March Of The Penguins, would like to own a DVD of the film.”

March Of The Penguins is a Videovision Entertainment release and is distributed by Nu Metro Home Entertainment on video and DVD.

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